Ascend Carbon Credits

Ascend is the largest fully-integrated PA66 resin manufacturer, which means we control every step of the process to produce our products. We are making improvements throughout our operations to reduce  our scope 1 emissions by 90% by 2030*. One of our largest investments is the Phlogiston N2O abatement project at our Pensacola, Florida site.  This project addresses emissions at our adipic acid plant.

Registered on the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) registry, CAR 1480, the project uses advanced technology to control and measure emissions. The Climate Action Reserve is an independent, nonprofit team of experts dedicated to issuing, reviewing and verifying rigorous standards and reduction goals for high-quality carbon credits.

Why Ascend carbon credits?


The emissions are permanently eliminated, as opposed to putting them in the ground and relegating them to a future generation. Our process uses technology that completely destroys the N2O molecules.

Robust measurement

Our carbon offsets are tied to industrial processes that are highly measured and controlled.

We measure the emissions reductions through N2O analyzers and flow meters that we've installed at specific points in the process. We follow strict protocols to monitor and calibrate these instruments daily, quarterly and annually.

The measurements are then verified using guidelines issued by the Climate Action Reserve for each specific project type.


The project is making a measurable step change in reducing emissions. From a regulatory standpoint, this was a voluntary project that required a large capital investment. The project was made possible by carbon markets.

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